dancing in the daylight


the sun kisses my shrouded body,  bending it to its heated will exposing all i see as imperfect, flaws shed like snake skin slowly,  over time, time passes  clouds move … Continue reading

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all the sand in all the seas

this song has been in my head for nearly a week.  now i’m putting in yours…. All your precious souls have been bought and sold for bargain basement lows to common … Continue reading

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as for the rest, donate it to science

burn my hands when i die my messenger,  my life force, my saving grace, the candid penman  the harbinger of change the tools that breathe air into my soul burn … Continue reading

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arrow of alteration

the pieces of the puzzle come together, a bigger picture seen with bold eyes realities of prior circumstance  become scars to be worn proudly, what happens is not for nothing … Continue reading

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weightless mind

past lives former versions, adrift floating between planes shifting weight gaining weight losing weight day unchained from night night unchained from day twilight, thoughts have no weight

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7 days

i can’t think, can’t think i need fresh air, air when was the last time i left my house? left right, up down, sunday it was sunday i went out … Continue reading

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you can’t trust your own shadow what deeds have you done natures fit to be tied you better beware the elements bear the face of your demons they’ve come back … Continue reading

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below the surface

that hole can be ever consuming before you realize it, before you can blink, before air reaches your lungs, you’re covered in darkness battling with that feeling of being broken … Continue reading

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the arrow of time

i use to dream to imagine to believe that the arrow of time doesn’t always shoot straight that it bobs it weaves it bends it curves it twists it turns … Continue reading

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